The Farmer State of Mind



I just returned after a 3 day layover in a remote village in Coimbatore area in Tamil Nadu, India. For 3 days, I lacked my blackberry and laptop computer. It was a weird feeling, the very first feeling was panic, what will certainly happen if I am not connected. I understood that my uncle that lived here had actually never ever used a smart phone.

My uncle’s family members had one land line telephone, no tv, no washing device, no fans, no gas, no shower, no western commode, no dining table, no auto. What did they make use of, a bicycle, chimney, firewood, coal, plantain leaves, freshly plucked vegetables, fresh milk from the cow yonder on the behind, thick curd or yoghurt, healthy and balanced outdoor living, with lot of menial as well as physical work.

I checked out my uncle that is about 60 years of ages, solid and steadily constructed, gentle in nature, affable individuality, ever grinning, all set to assist others. A life of difficulty invested outdoor in the fields, toiling and sweating. Persistence is an accessory which he wore very comfortably, tranquility was his nature, peace his possession. While he was predictable, there was a security.

My consternation at the lack of amenities, connectivity, conveniences I was utilized to, in the initial few hrs of my arrival were gradually changed by favorable sensations, thanks to the splendid calmness, the quietude, time stalled, the heartbeat as well as pulse decreased. The air was pure, invigorating fragrance of blossoms, leaves, the mild flow of the river in the backyard of your home, the eco-friendly cover throughout, chirping of a variety of birds, was music to the ears.

I made a decision to opt for my uncle to the area. After a scrumptious and also luxurious morning meal, we decided to leave for the day’s job. We started strolling, my uncle with a dhoti, sickle in hand, bare footed, myself in gum tissue boots, sling bag, sunlight glasses, denims, cotton t-shirt, mineral water bottle etc., We ought to have walked about 20 mins through a thick woodland location with dense foliage, my uncle continuously updating me on the different activities, I was sweating a lot and feeling unpleasant with my gum tissue boots.

We got to the lush environment-friendly areas, my uncle called out to his agricultural farm hands and also they talked about the approach for the day, after providing the needed instructions to each as well as each, my uncle removed his t-shirt, hung it on a tree, fixed his dhoti in such a way to ensure that he could enter into the area and do the deal with them. I was pushing a hammock and looking at the tasks. The next 3 hours saw difficult routine and tough work in the fields. Each of them working furiously under the unforgiving sun, I under the amazing boundaries of a huge banyan tree sipping coconut water.

Come lunch time, all the smart farming agriculture hands moved towards the tree, after cleaning their hands as well as feet in a close-by rivulet, they all settled down to a simple and hearty meal of rice tough with green chillies. I hardly had any appetite for I had refrained anything. I then understood that in our corporate life where we get out of the residence into an automobile, work in cool workplaces, rest at laptops, conferences, conversations, brainstorming, get hold of sandwiches, drink unlimited favorites or coffee, on the way residence consume some even more convenience food and finally after being mentally worn down decline right into the bed and rest.

The 3 days, instructed me the value of hard work, simpleness, humility, tolerance, perseverance, forbearance, teamwork, approval of nature’s all prevalence, contentment with status-quo, peace, comfort and also an internal delight. I am still trying to retain it, as I am going to the office in the car …

In a fast paced, stressful globe, three days in a remote town in the midst of rich eco-friendly fields, in a farmhouse, provided me an experience of a life time as well as helped me to understand what are the concerns in life.

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